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Anyone can cut costs…figuring out how to grow is more challenging and much more rewarding.” – Joel Nickelsen


All companies want to grow but not all have a strategy to grow.  We believe that it is possible to develop a strategic plan for every company that provides a path to business and employee growth.  The work is founded with an inspiring vision for the business, a clear mission to accomplish, and a set of values that guide how people work.  Strategy is not complex – it is simply a process of making choices about how to grow.


    • Purpose Plan Development
    • Strategic Planning
    • Strategic Assessment
    • Strategy Mobilization
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“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”
-Peter Drucker



Building strategy and effective action plans for products is done with consideration of the path-to-purchase.  We desire to ensure clients “go-to-market” in a way that optimizes a consumer choosing their products.  To do this, a company needs to achieve excellence against multiple business considerations.

Shopper Insights

  • Do we proactively determine an insight plan for our selling objectives and customer requirements?
  • How can we better “mine” existing data for insights and consistently package for customer development conversations?
Customer Promises
  • Do customers know and identify with a specific purpose of our brands and sales efforts?
  • Are brands linked to tactical activation options for customers?
Channel/Customer Segmentation
  • How do we differentiate our customer base?
  • How do we allocate resources accordingly?
Portfolio Offering
  • What is the optimal portfolio to meet customer needs and revenue/profit targets?
Trade Spending and Pricing
  • What should we do to consistently improve trade spending efficiency?
  • How should we price products in consideration of market dynamics?
Business Processes
  • Do we have documented and consistent processes?
  • Could we increase speed of execution and quality via improved processes?
Organization Capabilites
  • Can we be better organized to increase team effectiveness?
  • Does our sales team have the right skills to execute with customers?


  • Trade Spending Optimization
  • Branding the Selling Platform
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Sales Team Structure and Effectiveness Assessment
  • Customer Framework Development
  • Foodservice Growth Strategy


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“Buyers are saying that sellers are the primary differentiator.  That means you matter – more than what you sell, what it costs, and whom you work for. They choose you, or, if you don’t do a good enough job, they choose your competitor.” – Jill Konrath, Agile Selling


The Sales Organization is highly valued by BrightOrg Services because we understand the importance of its work.  The mix of internal and external responsibilities, competitive pressures, and continually increasing expectations are given.  We believe many sales teams have the opportunity to provide more value to their company by taking a proactive approach to development.  We call our perspective Branding the Sales Culture and our growth framework has 3 components:


  • Selling Capabilities – Best sales organizations intentionally define, evaluate, and improve the capability to sell
  • Selling Platform – Successful selling is done with a consistent message, that defines a company’s unique value
  • Selling Discipline – Getting the right results requires intense discipline and continual improvement


Sales teams manage a large portion of a company’s time, money, product, and customer equity.  We help client’s assess the level of discipline and effectiveness in these areas, and we assist them in implementing focused action plans to drive revenue and control costs.

  • Build a “Branded” selling culture through Sales Training
  • Enhance selling success with a comprehensive Selling Platform
  • Increase efficiency by implementing a Lean Selling Approach
  • Gain competitive edge through Trade Optimization
  • Establish organizational effectiveness via Sales Process Discipline
  • SG&A Efficiency
  • Trade Marketing Work and Effectiveness
  • Foodservice Growth Strategy


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“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.” –Max DePree

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” -Bill Gates

“Coaching is the most powerful tool for helping others change – it enables profound human development and should be a core part of every organization’s strategy for growth.” -Joel Nickelsen



The quality of a leader is often #1 factor in achievement of desired transformational objectives.  There are four core questions we answer with you in leadership development:

  • Do people know where they are going?
  • Do people trust they are going in the right direction?
  • Do people know their role in helping to get there?
  • Do people have the skills to succeed?

Organization leadership, team leadership, and individual leadership can be enhanced by working through the questions above.  We help client’s evaluate leadership strengths and opportunities, and we develop custom strategies to inspire more effective leadership.  We focus on creating and measuring individual growth by leveraging the power of our coaching methodology.


  • Leadership Model Development
  • Leadership Excellence Activation
  • Creating a Culture of Coaching for Growth
  • C-Level Development and Coaching
  • Team Leadership Evaluation and Planning
  • Training Modules


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“Direct Store Delivery is a powerful business model and valuable asset. Those who employ it can’t afford to get out of it because of the impact to revenue, and those who don’t have it can’t afford to create it because of the fixed costs. It is a complex system in need of continual optimization.”

—Dale Brockwell



DSD is an incredible asset.  Unleashing its power is the first goal of our DSD optimization work.  How can our clients generate greater customer satisfaction and grow revenue by leveraging DSD?  The system is also a large investment and must be continually optimized from an expense standpoint.  We assess DSD systems in their entirety and develop solutions for being more efficient.


  • Increase productivity with the DSD Health Check
  • Drive distribution efficiency with the DSD Optimization Framework
  • Continually improve with the DSD Strategic Assessment Matrix
  • Leverage Industry Best Practice Toolkit to benchmark internal processes