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A New Approach to Consulting

It's management consulting done differently: Less buzzwords, less theory, less ego with more results, more hands-on solutions, and an inspiring approach. We are a private consultancy with select clients, enabling us to work together with a long term perspective, delivering value and inspiring people.

BrightOrg Services is in the business of helping others to achieve their purpose. We bring clarity into organizations, into business challenges, and into relationships with clients. We provide value that is easy to recognize, while inspiring the people we partner with.

We desire to be part of a transformation within the consulting industry - visit the "About Us" page to learn more.

Our Playbook

Why Do We Exist?

We exist to help the leaders and employees of organizations achieve their purpose.
How Do We Behave?

We work with a passion for service, integrity, energy, wisdom, and results for all of our clients.
What Do We Do?

We help our clients grow revenue, grow people, and grow resources effectively. We use our experience, tools, and services to bring clarity into organizations, business challenges, and market opportunities.
How Will We Succeed?

We will leverage our values and culture to serve a limited number of clients for an unlimited amount of time. We will provide a better value and risk proposition. We will solve problems, inspire people, and deliver promised results.

Areas of Concentration