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Sales Effectiveness

“Buyers are saying that sellers are the primary differentiator.  That means you matter – more than what you sell, what it costs, and whom you work for. They choose you, or, if you don’t do a good enough job, they choose your competitor.” – Jill Konrath, Agile Selling


The Sales Organization is highly valued by BrightOrg Services because we understand the importance of its work.  The mix of internal and external responsibilities, competitive pressures, and continually increasing expectations are given.  We believe many sales teams have the opportunity to provide more value to their company by taking a proactive approach to development.  We call our perspective Branding the Sales Culture and our growth framework has 3 components:


  • Selling Capabilities – Best sales organizations intentionally define, evaluate, and improve the capability to sell
  • Selling Platform – Successful selling is done with a consistent message, that defines a company’s unique value
  • Selling Discipline – Getting the right results requires intense discipline and continual improvement


Sales teams manage a large portion of a company’s time, money, product, and customer equity.  We help client’s assess the level of discipline and effectiveness in these areas, and we assist them in implementing focused action plans to drive revenue and control costs.

  • Build a “Branded” selling culture through Sales Training
  • Enhance selling success with a comprehensive Selling Platform
  • Increase efficiency by implementing a Lean Selling Approach
  • Gain competitive edge through Trade Optimization
  • Establish organizational effectiveness via Sales Process Discipline
  • SG&A Efficiency
  • Trade Marketing Work and Effectiveness
  • Foodservice Growth Strategy


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