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“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”
-Peter Drucker



Building strategy and effective action plans for products is done with consideration of the path-to-purchase.  We desire to ensure clients “go-to-market” in a way that optimizes a consumer choosing their products.  To do this, a company needs to achieve excellence against multiple business considerations.

Shopper Insights

  • Do we proactively determine an insight plan for our selling objectives and customer requirements?
  • How can we better “mine” existing data for insights and consistently package for customer development conversations?
Customer Promises
  • Do customers know and identify with a specific purpose of our brands and sales efforts?
  • Are brands linked to tactical activation options for customers?
Channel/Customer Segmentation
  • How do we differentiate our customer base?
  • How do we allocate resources accordingly?
Portfolio Offering
  • What is the optimal portfolio to meet customer needs and revenue/profit targets?
Trade Spending and Pricing
  • What should we do to consistently improve trade spending efficiency?
  • How should we price products in consideration of market dynamics?
Business Processes
  • Do we have documented and consistent processes?
  • Could we increase speed of execution and quality via improved processes?
Organization Capabilites
  • Can we be better organized to increase team effectiveness?
  • Does our sales team have the right skills to execute with customers?


  • Trade Spending Optimization
  • Branding the Selling Platform
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Sales Team Structure and Effectiveness Assessment
  • Customer Framework Development
  • Foodservice Growth Strategy


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